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   The 14th Annual Texas 200 June 14-19, 2021

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Friends of the Texas 200
       Each year, we have approximately 75 to 80 members sailing this event in 45-50 boats.  The preparation and costs involved with participating in the Texas 200 are substantial.  Boats must be built, prepared or upgraded.  There is new equipment to purchase, including safety equipment, VHF radios and GPS devices.  Long-neglected trailers often need new wheels and bearings.  Many members fly in or trailer their boats from across the country, and sometimes beyond.  Once they arrive, there are hotels and meals and bus tickets to purchase, and of course the shrimp boil at the finish line!  All told, the cost of participating in the Texas 200 can run into the thousands of dollars per participant.

In an effort to keep our participants' costs as low as possible, we are now offering a "Friend of the Texas 200" membership for those who are not participating in the event in any given year.  Maybe you are a past Texas 200 participant but aren't able to participate this year.  Or maybe you're planning on participating in the future.  Or, perhaps you're a friend or family member of a participant, or an armchair sailor and want to be a more formal part of the Texas 200 community.  This is your way to support the Club and keep costs down for participants.

For a donation of $15, we will send you a Texas 200 Sailing Club bumper sticker as a token of our appreciation.  Please send an email to Matt Schiemer at with your name and mailing address.  Then, head over to the Sign Up page to make the $15 donation.

Thank you for your support!