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   The 16th Annual Texas 200 June 12 - 17, 2023

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The 16th Annual Texas 200 will be held from June 12-17, 2023. This year we are going to utilize most of the camps that were planned in 2021,

Camps: 2023 Texas 200

The 16th Annual Texas 200 will be held from June 12-17, 2023. This year's theme is "Small Boats & Sandy Beaches." Essentially, we're offering something that is very rare on this event - a couple of nice sandy beaches as camps. The catch is that you'll need to be in a small, shallow draft boat in order to easily access them. As always, we have a "Come as You Are" approach to participation, and we welcome anyone, in any type of boat; but this year's rewards will be most easily obtained if you're participating in a small, shallow-draft boat.

  The Full, Traditional Texas 200
The Start – Port Isabel

The 2023 Texas 200 will start in Port Isabel. It's been a few years since we've started here, and we're looking forward to getting back down there for this year's start. Some of y'all may have seen the news that the Port Isabel lighthouse, which was built in 1852, recently received a new lens and was lit for the first time in 117 years in December 2022. Tours of the lighthouse are offered daily, so make some time during your time in Port Isabel to check out a unique piece of Texas maritime history. You are free to arrange for and utilize any slip, marina, motel, or boat ramp in the Port Isabel area that you feel is best for you and your crew. The mandatory Captain's Meeting will occur in the parking lot of the White Sands Motel at 7am on Sunday morning. The location is shown with the red location marker in the Google image above.   

Camp 1 - Port Mansfield Spoil Islands
Approx: 26° 33' 34" N, 97° 21' 58" W
34 nautical miles from Port Isabel

While these spoil islands have never been formal Texas 200 camps, many participants have camped here in prior years, as an alternative to beating to windward for 5 miles out to the Port Mansfield Jetties, which have been used as a camp on several occasions. Due to the constant shifting of the sands, we are not identifying a particular spoil island for the camp. Rather, we'll have to have the first few boats into camp scope things out and find the best island or two for camping. You're not going to want to sail too far to the east to find the perfect island though, since Camp 2 is fairly far from Camp 1. Stay as close to the western-most spoil island as possible so that your Tuesday sail isn't unnecessarily long.

Camp 2 - Yarborough Pass
27° 12' 14" N, 97° 23' 22" W
42 nautical miles from Camp 1

This is a brand new camp, never before used on the Texas 200 event. And… it's one of the nice sandy beaches that will be the reward for those of us in small, shallow-draft boats. Note that this entire area consists of shifting sands, sand flats and shoals that generally make approaching this camp somewhat "interesting". Since we can't possibly know if any strong winter northers or early summer storms will shift the sand and shoals, we can't describe what things will look like for us in June when we all descend on this camp. The goal will be to camp on the north side of the remnants of the pass that was dredged in 1941 and ultimately abandoned in 1950, near where the red marker is shown above. Depending on the location and depth of the sandy shoals in June, it may be necessary to utilize the island to the immediate south of the red marker. We'll have to make this final call in June, as the first boats start to arrive and scope things out. We will be holding a brief memorial ceremony at Camp 2 for Texas 200 participants who have crossed the bar in the past year, if we become aware of any. As of late December 2022, the Board is not aware of any Texas 200 participants who have recently passed away. If anyone becomes aware of any Texas 200 participant who passes away prior to this year's event, please email Matt Schiemer at so that we can plan the memorial accordingly. The memorial will be held in the late afternoon, before sunset.

Camp 3 - Corpus Christi Bay
27° 41' 08" N, 97° 14' 10" W
32 nautical miles from Camp 2

This is another "first time" camp for the event, having never been used before. This camp is located roughly ¼ mile to ½ mile to the west of the ICW, just as it opens up into Corpus Christi Bay. These beaches are mostly shell, and tend to shift around a bit each winter as each strong Norther blows through. The exact location of the best spot for this year's fleet will need to be determined by the first few boats into camp.

Camp 4 - Paul's Mott
28° 03' 11" N, 96° 56' 43" W
29 nautical miles from Camp 3

This is a great camp that we've used several times over the years. It is a generally north-facing shell and rock beach. In recent years, what was once a single, long, north-facing beach has been broken into several small islands. Depending on what Mother Nature throws at us this winter and early summer, it could once again be a single, large beach, or more of an archipelago; time will tell. The first few boats to arrive will have to scope out the best option for the rest of us at this general location.

Camp 5 - Pass Cavallo
28° 23' 03" N , 96° 23' 37" W
40 nautical miles from Camp 4

This is the 3rd never-before-used camp on this year's event. It is also one of the nice sandy beaches that shall be the reward for those participating in small, shallow draft boats with lots of patience when it comes to "feeling" their way into camp, literally. A number of Texas 200 members have camped at this approximate location over the years, and generally there is no problem finding a good spot to beach our boats and set up tents. However, once again it's really up to Ma' Nature as to exactly how this spot will look in mid-June. Note that the approach to Pass Cavallo generally does include very large, shallow sand shoals just north of the red marker, as seen in this Google image. You'll almost certainly need to feel your way into this camp, but trust us, it will be worth your while.

The Finish - Magnolia Beach
28° 33' 27" N , 96° 31' 40" W
15 nautical miles from Camp 5

We will finish at Magnolia Beach where we will have our traditional shrimp boil (or BBQ - to-be-determined) and celebration starting at approximately 3:00pm. Please remember that the shrimp boil/BBQ requires registration and pre-payment, which should be done on the Texas 200 webpage in advance. This is a sand and shell beach and the approach is fairly deep right up to the beach. There are relatively new public restrooms with showers right there at the beach, and tent and RV camping is allowed if you want to stay the night after the event. At the north end, there is a boat ramp for pulling out. Our vehicles and empty trailers are located about a mile from here, and it's usually fairly easy to find someone to drive you over to get your vehicle.