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   The Thirteenth Annual Texas 200 June 15-20, 2020

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Sign Up for the Texas 200

Registration for this event involves paying Club Dues and other items below as applicable, and also sending an email to Matt Schiemer as per the instructions on the Who's Coming page of this website.  You are not fully registered until you make the appropriate payments below and also send Matt an email.  Thank you.

Club Dues

We are now organized as a non-profit club and to pay for insurance and other expenses, we are collecting annual dues. Anyone can join the club and we are requiring all participants to do so. You MUST join and pay dues in order to participate in the Texas200.

All participants (Captain and all crew) must pay Club Dues)

Club Dues - $40
* No refunds


Shuttle Bus Seat - Deadline May 15

We should have plenty of seats available on the bus this year, but we ask that you only purchase one per boat, please.

To board the bus you must have paid your club dues and signed and submitted a waiver which we will have available at the Sunday morning Captains meeting.

Bus Seat - We have 1-2 seats that have come available. Please contact Matt Schiemer if you would like to reserve a seat.

* No refunds

Shrimp Boil

Our traditional Shrimp Boil will take place at the finish line.

This is ONE plate with water, soft drinks, and Shiner beer (21+ only!) included. There are almost always leftovers, which will be available after ALL members who have paid for the Shrimp Boil have been served. Please remember that not everyone comes in to the finish line at the same time. Remember also that some of those who are serving this meal are volunteers and friends to us all, and treat them accordingly. :-)

Shrimp Boil - $15
* No refunds

2019 Burgee

Design Winner Pehr Jansson!!  Congratulations!!

Ordering Deadline May 1st (subject to change)

Purchased burgees will be handed out a the captains meeting.

They will be Digitally Printed on 600 Denier Polyester. Prestige Flag has done a great job on our previous burgees and these should look fantastic!

Burgee - Sold Out
* No refunds


Friends of Texas 200

Thank you for your support of the Club and this amazing event.  We will send you a Texas 200 bumper sticker as a token of our appreciation.  Please see the "T200 Friends" tab on this website for more information.  And please note that this level of membership does not allow for participation in the event.  All participants in the Texas 200 must pay Club Dues.
T200 Friends - $15
* No refunds


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