June 9 - 13, 2008

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Very brief summary: John H. Wright

It was a wild ride at times.
A little too much wind by 8 AM (20 knot+?).
A little mud at the first camp but shade under some trees.
A little brisk second day and a camp site at the Padre Island Yacht Club
with shower! and dinner at Snoopy's
A great sail across Corpus Christi Bay. The tallest waves but regular
and exhilarating. The three PD's took the Corpus Christi Bayou rout to
Aransas Bay and the run to a great shell beach anchorage at Long Reef at
Big Island.
Then a rough ride across San Antonio Bay that would toss our little boats
up and then fall out from under us. Jason was effusive about the ride
and compared it with bungie jumping.
Then the pleasant down hill broad reach to Magnolia Beach.

Now to dry out my stuff... More will follow from the PDR3.